The Great Fall

The water feels warm today.

I love the sensation as it brushes past my skin.  As I swim, the pressure of the water heightens the sensation too – it’s an amazing feeling.  Can you see how the water shines in the sunlight?  I love that.

And as it runs over the stones, it shapes them too – isn’t that awesome? It’s as if the water doesn’t care that obstacles are in its path. It just goes over them, round them, under them and around them. And as it does so, it shapes the obstacles. It changes them into something beautiful. I love that.

Look at all the other animals, plants and insects that I share my world with too.  Each of them has a part to play in my existence. I need them and they need me and we all co exist in this amazing world.

But I have a purpose to fulfil now. That’s what I want you to know.  I have known all my life that within me lay a destiny and a moment when my purpose for being, living and dying would become clear.  Today is that day.

Something confuses me though.  Why do I have to swim in the opposite direction to the rivers flow to find my purpose?  My life seems so much easier when I swim in the same direction as every other being in the river.   Nothing hassles me – I can just get on with my life.   So why is my purpose upstream? Why isn’t my purpose downstream with all the others?   Why have I got to swim away from the others towards the faster moving water?  Do you know the answers to these questions?

My parents told me about a magical place that exists upstream. They told me about how I would find my purpose and reason for being but that it wouldn’t be easy to find this special place. They said it would require all my effort, energy and belief but that as I started to move towards this special place, I would find that energy would be given to me.  They told be that the Great One would help me.

So today is the day of the big swim.  Ever since I was small, I knew that this day would come. Have you ever felt something so strong that it calls you every day? It’s hard not to just start swimming towards it isn’t it?

Gosh, the current is so strong against me today.  It’s exhausting.  The river seems full and determined to push me back.  Maybe I should just turn back and go with the flow like all the other creatures seem to do.

Wow!  Did you see the Kingfisher swoop down then? And did you notice the different plants as we head up stream?  It’s like a whole different world exists up here isn’t it? I know it’s harder to swim this way but there are things here I hadn’t noticed before! It’s so beautiful!

Oh no! Now it’s time to jump the Great Fall.  My parents and grandparents told me about it but now I’m here, it looks so big.  They told me that my purpose exists on the other side of the Great Fall and that I would need a big leap to find it.

They told me it was a “leap of faith” because I wouldn’t be able to see what’s beyond the waterfall.  I just had to leap and trust that the Great One would help me find my purpose.

But the current is so strong just here.  It’s as if something wants to take me away from the Great Fall to stop me finding my destiny.  I’m so tired too. It feels like I have been swimming forever without making progress.   Maybe it would be easier to stop trying and to just float downstream like every other being in the river.

No.  I’m not giving up yet.  I’m going to jump.  I have to.  I will always wonder what it was like over the Great Fall if I don’t jump.  So here goes. Wish me luck……!

Ouch! I didn’t make it! The force against me was too strong. I leapt from the river but as soon as I landed, I got washed back down again.   Is it worth me trying again?  What do you think? What happens if I fail again?  Will everyone laugh at me for trying to leap the Great Fall?  What would you do?

No.  I have to do this.  I know I have to leap again.  I’m going to give it another go…..

Wow! Look at me! I made it up and over the Great Fall.

And it’s so peaceful here.  The roar of the Great Fall has gone and all I can hear are the birds overhead and the gentle flow of the water all around me.   I can swim against it now too but it feels easier somehow…    Almost as if I am the one in flow and the water around me just happens to be going in another direction.

And look!  Look over there.  Can you see them? More of my kind!  They must have made the leap over the Great Fall before me.  One of them is heading this way.  What should I do?

Hi there!” She said. “You made it over the Great Fall then?

I felt funny. Looking at this new, wonderful friend, I knew that I would love her and that we would make more of our kind.  I knew that my destiny was here. I just needed to trust that I could find it.

Yes”, I spluttered, feeling slightly shy and embarrassed.

My new friend looked at me and spoke right to my heart.  “You will find many others here who leapt the Great Fall too.  We gather to talk, support each other and fall in love.  Some fall in love with life and some with each other.  We make more of our kind and show them how to find their flow against the pressure of the many who just want to allow the river to wash them downstream.  One day, our kind will reach the Great Fall and decide if they wish to make the leap of faith to find their destiny.  Being a Great Salmon is not easy, but we know that our purpose lies up beyond the Great Fall.  Welcome to the world of destiny and possibilities my friend”.

I had found my life purpose. I didn’t realise at the time but I had met my soul mate too and we made more of my kind.  I encouraged others to make the leap of faith over the Great Fall and in doing so, I found my destiny too.

So next time you feel like you’re swimming against the flow the strong current of mediocrity, negativity and hopelessness, look for the “Great Fall” in your life.  It may take a leap of faith to cross it, jump over or across and it may require courage and determination to keep trying if at first you fail to make the leap.  But beyond the leap lies your purpose and destiny.  And when you find it, the Great One will smile and simply say “welcome home – I always believed in you.”

Swim well my friend and I hope to see you on the other side of the Great Fall….


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