Divine Leadership – A new paradigm.

The man was puzzled.

His father had told him how to be a leader and yet something resisted his fathers teachings.  It felt like he had to control the destiny of those that trusted him and this didn’t sit comfortably with his soul that yearned to find his own path in life.

shutterstock_107378He walked around the lake and sat down on a large stone near the waters edge.  He heard a voice behind him.

“Your doubts and fears are well founded my friend”.

He turned to see where the voice was coming from but there was no-one.  Just the sounds of the water lapping against the shore.

“I am within you my friend.  There is nothing to find, just words to hear.  Be still.”

The man was startled, but not frightened.  He sat looking out across the lake and asked the voice to continue for it was a voice he recognised and had heard before.  He knew the voice knew him well and would provide the guidance he was seeking.

“You question the paradigms of life my friend, and this is good.  Listen well, for what I have to tell you is of the utmost importance.”

The man stilled his mind and closed his eyes.  The voice continued…

“You ask about leadership and how you can create a new paradigm.  Hear my words.

religion_faith_sticker-r506464d1def14555902fec83a6b3c5d0_v9wf3_8byvr_216Divine leadership has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with faith.

It has nothing to do with leading and everything to do with serving.

It has nothing to do with God but everything to do with you.”

The man accepted the words of the voice, but was puzzled.

“So what is Divine Leadership?” he asked the voice.

 “Stepping into your divine essence is stepping into a union with your highest self.  Your highest self occupies a space within you that is devoid of ego, control and the need for external recognition. 

When you finally grasp the idea of leading divinely, you trust that what you need will be given to you, what you are choosing to do in the moment is something that you have chosen in your soul contract and that your only mission is to help others achieve divine leadership within themselves.

Divine leadership starts with self leadership – but of the heart and not the mind.  The heart is a powerful force that can work in harmony with the mind, but cannot work at all if the mind is in control.  Going deeply into your innermost and highest self is where you discover your true passions, dreams and gifts.  Divine leadership takes all of these traits and uses them to propel you forwards to your unique destiny.  Divine leadership then takes you to a place where you inspire others to do the same.

Does Divine Leadership mean “control?” I hear you say.  No my friend.  To lead truly from the divine, you have to let go, empower and drive your team to their own divine leadership.  There is no control in this as it is beyond your control.  When a soul fully grasps it’s destiny and purpose, it cannot be controlled.  To control a soul is to deny expression, creativity and the power of the spirit within us.  To empower a soul is to accept vulnerability, failure and fear as part of the mix of the human existence.

When you step into your divine place, you truly lead without consideration for your own aims.  You focus fully on creating a sacred space of opportunity and possibility for those around you, trusting and knowing that in doing so, you create a vortex of possibility around yourself too.  This is effortless, natural and one of the laws of the universe.

Go now and teach this lesson.  For it is time it was heard.”

New-Paradigm-AheadThe man opened his eyes and saw the lake – just as it was before.  But everything had changed in his heart and mind.  He knew is father wished him no ill, but that he could no longer follow his fathers ideas of leadership.  He had to discover his own form of Divine Leadership and knew that in doing so, he could indeed create a new paradigm….


2 thoughts on “Divine Leadership – A new paradigm.

  1. Paul this is truly inspirational – really real. Last night was very special – two gifted and sensitive men being their thing. Thank you

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