Alone on the Beach

IMG_0388I walked onto the sand and felt it sink beneath my feet.  I was alone on a deserted beach with just the virgin sand and crashing waves for company, shielded by the imposing cliffs on either side.

“Why was I here?”, I wondered.  Or more importantly, “how did I get here?” And what was the universe trying to tell me by bringing me to such a desolate place?

Rain began to fall and was soaking me through my clothes.  I spotted a cave on the edge of a cliff and headed towards the shelter it would give me.

I clambered over boulders, slipping and falling over as the rain lashed against my skin.  The safety of the cave felt no closer than it did before I started my journey towards it and yet I knew I had to press on.

The rain was heavier and the wind began to blow. I slipped and fell again.

IMG_0389The cave suddenly appeared before me and I reached the small space that took me out of the wind and rain.  As I turned, I could see the beach. It was empty except for my footprints across the untouched sand.  The waves gently ebbed and flowed and the rain continued to fall.

“Why am I here?” I asked again.

And then I heard it.


I was startled by the gentle sound of the voice which continued in my head…

“Everything is working in perfect harmony. The waves need the wind to make them grow and the beach to give them their creative force. The cliffs need the wind, rain and waves to mould them and reveal the colours and shapes hidden in their depths. Each tree that perches along the cliffs, each blade of grass that clings to the edge and each plant, flower, or creature needs all of these forces to be in place to support it.”

As I stood in the shelter of the cave, looking out upon the scene before me, I understood what the voice had said.  But I couldn’t understand how this was relevant for me.

The voice spoke again…

“Without beaches and cliffs there would be no waves.  Without the waves and sea, we would not know of cliffs and their hidden beauty.  Without the wind to carry the rain and make the waves, there would be no colour and variety, no falling and rising, no creation nor destruction.”

I could see all of these forces present here on this beach.   Along with me.

So I suddenly understood why I was there.

I realised that I need all of the forces in my life to create, break, flow and ebb so that my own life has harmony.  All of the ups and downs, the good and the bad, are essential elements of all that I am.

And through the rain and the wind I heard it.  It was soul music.  It was the sound of the entire universe working in perfect harmony.  And it sounded so beautiful…..

IMG_0395I was no longer alone on a beach but joined to everything that ever was and ever will be.   And I knew that I had connected to the greatest force that exists in my world – me.

I saw too that my journey across the boulders, my need for shelter and my rising every time I fell was why the universe brought me here. It wanted to show me that I am one with everything that exists now, in the past or future for it is all part of the now that I found myself experiencing whilst I was alone on a beach…

I climbed away from the lonely beach no longer feeling lonely.  I understood why my life ebbed and flowed.  I was simply sharing the experience that every facet of the universe experiences every moment of every day.  And without the experiences, there is no life.


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