Personal Coaching

how_real-300x179Do you have a “Big Dream” that lies unfulfilled within you?

Has you career stalled or taken a turn for the worse?

Or have you reached a point in your life where nothing seems to make sense anymore?

Personal Coaching is not just a life coaching programme.  Whilst I do have an approach that works, we won’t always stick to it as your needs are more important than having a fixed solution.  However, I know my approach can work for you at any level – from the stressed Corporate Executive to the individual who has lost their way.   I guarantee it will change your life for the better and here’s how it works:

We will go through four distinct stages that are represented by the word – REAL – but backwards. And this is why….

Love – we look at what you are passionate about, good at and your life purpose.  Deep stuff but it’s not fluffy – its the bedrock and foundation of getting your life back on track.

Authenticity – do you know your values and what you stand for? Critical to success and happiness is to develop a life, career or business that is in line with who you are.  Stress comes from living a life that’s out of line with your inner self.

Energy – what beliefs are you holding onto that hold you back? We review your patterns, habits and negative traits and build on your positive attributes.

Results – only when you have gone through the first three stages do we look at your plans, goals and dreams.  We then set a new direction and hold you accountable to your actions.

It’s a simple approach but it works – check out our testimonials and then give us a call.