Business Coaching

shutterstock_5798560Did you know that 90% of new businesses fail within the first 10 years? Why? Because they were built on weak foundations. So how can you be in the 10% of businesses that do succeed?

You may think that your business is well prepared, that your systems are rock-solid and your processes are sound. But what if there’s more that you can do? What if you don’t see the problems until it’s too late?

My approach to business coaching is to improve the performance of your business from the ground up.  I’ll take you back to basics first and insist on it.  We won’t work together unless you are prepared to go right back to your motivation for being in business in the first place as so many of the problems we face – particularly in smaller business, are found in the basic.  We’ll then work together to develop a bespoke programme of help as I do not believe there is no “one-size-fit’s-all” approach that works.

You can work with me for a single session to get some clarity or for a longer term plan of coaching, consulting or mentoring. And I won’t tie you down to long term contracts or insist of huge amounts of cash up front.  I prefer to deliver results that you are then delighted to pay for.

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